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Policies and guidelines have been developed on His Dark Materials to further the goal of creating a freely editable encyclopedia on His Dark Materials.

Policies apply to all editors. His Dark Materials strives to create a welcoming and fun environment for those who are civil to and assume good faith in others, seek consensus in discussions, and work towards the goal of creating an increasingly comprehensive encyclopedia about everything in the His Dark Materials multiverse.

Policies need to be approached with common sense; adhere to the spirit rather than the letter of the rules, and be prepared to ignore the rules on the rare occasions when they conflict with the goal of improving the wiki.

The number one, most important commandment of this wiki is:

Philip Pullman's word is law.

To be clear, His Dark Materials Wiki is an online encyclopedic wiki centred around the His Dark Materials series. We host information, facts, images, and official theories related to the HDM multiverse on this site, as well as discussions about the material presented here. We do not entertain any fan fiction, images, or ramblings (collectively "fanon"), advertisements, spam, or articles not directly associated with the HDM multiverse. You may talk about anything you like on your message wall, or add the same in your namespace, as long as it is legal and is in accordance with our user policy. Just remember that this wiki is not a social networking site.

All the content in this wiki (i.e. text, images, music) must be in the public domain; unless you have obtained permission to use them publicly, copyrighted files will be removed, no matter how nicely written or beautifully shot. Quotes, facts, and figures may be taken from anywhere, as long as they are sourced. All text must be original - no copying from Wikipedia or from other websites. If you see an article which seems to be a copy of a Wikipedian article, you can either be bold and rewrite the article yourself, or you can paste {{dwfy}} at the top of the article and wait for someone else to dewikipediafy (abbr. "deWPfy") the article.

All the articles on this wiki must be in English. If you want to write a His Dark Materials page in another language, you will need to take it elsewhere (perhaps by founding a new wiki); there are already HDM wikis in Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portugese, French, Spanish, German and Polish.


Main article: Vandalism policy

If you see an act of vandalism, please revert the page to its original state and report the vandal.

Any users committing acts of vandalism will be blocked for a period of 24-72 hours. Repeat offenders will receive punishment for high treason and be blocked indefinitely (with the exception of anonymous IP addresses). Administrators may also choose to use their best discretion and block for a longer or shorter period of time. Difficult to block or otherwise exceptional vandals will be reported to a staffer at FANDOM.

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