This graveyard had a mausoleum attached to it. It was located in London on a wooded hilltop.[1]


During the flood of 1986, Malcolm Polstead, Alice Parslow and Lyra Belacqua landed at the graveyard to hide from a Consistorial Court of Discipline engine boat. After the boat left, Malcolm went and searched for some firewood near the mausoleum. He returned to the his canoe, La Belle Sauvage and started a fire there. However, Gerard Bonneville came to the canoe and lured Alice out onto the hill, grabbing her and holding a knife to her throat. Malcolm pursued Bonneville and Alice and eventually killed Bonneville with his canoe paddle.[1]


The graveyard was covered in yew trees and other fauna. In places gravestones had partly sunken into the soil or simply been covered by long grass.[1]


The mausoleum stored dead bodies in coffins. It had a padlocked door and was filled with rows of shelves with coffins placed neatly on them. The air inside smelled of age, dry rot and damp.[1]



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