Glenys Godwin was a widow and the Director of Oakley Street. She took over the position from Thomas Nugent who had died earlier in the year Lyra Silvertongue went to Asia. She was the first female to head the organisation.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Glenys had originally been a field officer for the organisation before catching a tropical fever which had paralysed her dæmon. Her only son had died of the same fever.

Glenys was head of the organisation by the time a memorial service for Thomas was held. Following the service, Glenys talked to Hannah Relf about the death of Anthony Hassall and also about Lyra Silvertongue.[1]

Later, Glenys was alerted that Oakley Street would be shutting down and asked her secretary, Jill, to alert the Heads of Sections of the division to begin an operation named as Christabel. She then met with Chancellor Eliot Newman of the Private Purse to discuss the closure.[2]

Physical description[edit | edit source]

Glenys was small and stocky with dark grey hair which was plainly styled when Hannah met her.

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