George Boatwright was a boatman and poacher. His dæmon, Sadie, settled as a mongrel.


One Saturday evening, George was drinking at The Trout Inn when an agent with a vixen-dæmon and his assistant from the Consistorial Court of Discipline arrived and removed some notices from the board in order to make room for one of their own about a man they were tracking. This angered an inebriated George, who tore up the CCD notice and threw it into the fire. The dæmon of one of the agents, a vixen, approached George's dæmon Sadie and frightened her into submission. George then left the Inn under the officer's orders.[1]

However, rather than waiting obediently outside, he vanished.[2] Malcolm Polstead speculated that George could have hidden in Wytham Forest.[3] He later lived hiding in a cave in Berkshire with his wife during the flood of 1986.[4]


Sadie was George's dæmon, who settled as a mongrel. She appeared to be at least part German Shepherd and part Staffordshire Terrier. She was much larger than the vixen-dæmon who came up to her and was tough-looking. Sadie was ready for a fight until something in the CCD man's dæmon terrified her to the fact that she ended up lying on the floor.[1]



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