The gas-gun was a large, tank-like machine owned by Larsen Manganese. It was used by their branch in Novy Odense. It was slow moving with two steel wheels at the front and half-tracks behind. It had an armoured shell with a long cannon protruding from the front and was crewed by three men; one to drive, and two to fire and reload the gun. Lee Scoresby first saw a model of the gun in the parlour room in the town hall.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The gun was used in Novy Odense during Lee's time in the town. It was driven to resist Scoresby and H van Breda when they were freeing the latter's cargo. This attempt was unsuccessful as Iorek Byrnison was able to knock it off the quay where the cargo was being freed and into the sea.[1]

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