The Elsa was a schooner that Pantalaimon boarded in London when trying to make his way to Germany. The ship's deck was filty and had lots of grease and rust.[1]


The ship went to London, in Brytain, to collect some cargo. However, the cargo didn't turn up and so the crew decided to leave and head north to Cuxhaven[1] to collect some immigrants.[2]

Whilst in London, the skipper and the mate decided to collect the propeller and sell it at Borkum, splitting the price fifty-fifty between them. After taking the propeller, they sailed across the Channel towards Germany.[1]


When Pantalaimon boarded the ship, there were six men on board: Hans Flint (the skipper), Herman (the mate, presumably), a man with a rat-dæmon, a man who rowed the boat and two men who were downstairs.[1] Gustav was a former member of the crew.[2]



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