Dafydd was a Welsh miner from Lyra's world who was educated at Coleg Mwyngloddiaeth. His dæmon was a canary.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dafydd and Gwyn, his companion, once met a witch in Sala, Sweden. The witch had cured them of some kind of lung disease and later, once her cloud-pine was stolen, they got it back for her.

On a ferry from King's Lynn to Flushing where they were going to head to Sala to work in the silver mines, Dafydd and Gwyn caught sight of a man stealing something from Lyra Silvertongue's rucksack and so took it back from him. After a man drew attention to Lyra for not having a dæmon, the two men came from the bar where they were drinking and took her outside the saloon to hand her the object back.

After talking to Lyra, they guessed she was a witch and, in return for helping her, Lyra let them look at her object: an alethiometer. Dafydd had to lick the instrument to see if he could tell what it was made of. After taking Lyra to another cabin, they let her sleep and woke her when the ferry arrived before heading to the mines.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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