This letter was written by Coram van Texel to Thomas Nugent to inform Nugent about the conversation he had at the University of Uppsala. The letter was transcribed into code after it was written.[1]


To Lord Nugent:

The lady came to Uppsala to consult the Professor of Physics, Axel Löfgren. She asked him 'several very perceptive questions' about the Rusakov field and its relation to human consciousness. He suspects she was acting on behalf of the CCD. Furthermore, she wanted a Professor Hallgrimsson to use his alethiometer to tell her where her child was. He either could not or would not, but in any case he did not. Apparently the lady had heard that the child was the subject of a witches' prophecy, but she did not know what it foretold. You will remember our good friend Bud Schlesinger. I spoke with him at the house of Martin Lanselius in Trollesund. He has gone further north to ask about this among some witches he knows, and will contact you as soon as he returns. One further matter: I was followed from Novgorod by a man whose dæmon was a hyena. I did not recognise him, but he bore himself like a thoroughly trained agent. We fought and he got away, though the dæmon is wounded. I am curious about him.




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