Coffee was a beverage prepared using ground roasted coffee beans. Lord Asriel asked Wren to prepare him some coffee in the Retiring Room after he returned from the North.[2] When Lyra Belacqua ran away from Marisa Coulter's flat, she bought a cup of coffee from a stall outside a department store[1] and Dr Martin Lanselius served some coffee while meeting with Lyra and Farder Coram in Trollesund.[3]

When Sir Charles visited the Dark Matter Research Unit, Oliver Payne offered him some coffee.[4] Coffee was served at an Oakley Street meeting in 1986[5] and one of the workers at the Barents Sea Company administration building was drinking coffee when Lee Scoresby arrived on Novy Odense.[6] When Malcolm Polstead, Alice Parslow and Lyra Belacqua visited the Enchanted Island, they were served coffee by Diania.[7]

Twenty years later, Lyra sat and had coffee with Dick Orchard whilst discussing her dæmon who had gone away.[8]



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