His Dark Materials
His Dark Materials

Cloud-pine was a type of tree with magical properties. Witches used branches of cloud-pine to fly, and were the only ones known to be able to do so.[1]


When Lyra Silvertongue met Martin Lanselius, the Consul of the witches, he asked her to use the alethiometer to identify which of the cloud-pine branches which he possessed belonged to Serafina Pekkala.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the books, cloud-pine was used as a 'steed' that the witches rode on akin to a traditional broomstick. In the film, the witches' cloud-pine made up their bows, and they flew mostly unaided (though still needed to be holding their bows). In the TV series, the cloud-pine appears to be tattooed/dermal implants beneath their very skin - hence, they appear to fly unaided but the pine is part of them. Notably, Mrs Coulter tortures the witch Katja by plucking the twigs/needles out from under her skin.



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