Professor Charles Capes was a priest in the English church and a theologian who happened to be a friend of Oakley Street. He worked as the Thackeray Professor of Divinity, presumably at Wykeham College He told Hannah Relf about the botanical research station at Lop Nor. Charles, by exchanging news with Oakley Street, was risking his career, freedom and even his life.[1] His dæmon was a lemur.

Charles took part in the Linnaeus Room at the Botanic Garden in Oxford. Charles knew Anthony Hassall and had worked in the region where he had worked: Lop Nor.[2]

Whilst in his rooms at Wykeham, he, Glenys Godwin and Hannah Relf discussed what Malcolm Polstead had found out about Benny Morris, one of the men involved in murdering Anthony.[3]



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