Charles was the Librarian scholar of Jordan College. He was an old friend and ally of the College Master, Dr Carne. His dæmon's name is Serena and she appears to be crested gecko.[1]


Charles was in on the plan to poison Lord Asriel's 1898 Tokay during his visit to Jordan College. Charles was not comfortable with the idea of poisoning him, but was close enough to the Master to offer his support.[2]

It was common for Charles and the Master to share a glass of brantwijn and console each other after difficult episodes. This was the case after the wine failed to poison Asriel, so they retreated to the Master's Lodging where they conversed about the Barnard-Stokes theory, the General Oblation Board in relation to the Magisterium, and Lyra Silvertongue.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the TV series, Charles is played by Ian Gelder.[3]
  • Charles's dæmon's name and form don't appear in the books but were made up for the TV series.


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