Bud Schlesinger was a New Dane and an agent of Oakley Street under Thomas Nugent. He was a lean man in his thirties, with short, fair hair. During the flood of 1986, he delivered news of prophecies concerning Lyra Belacqua and Malcolm Polstead to Hannah Relf, George Papadimitriou, and Lord Nugent after visiting the witches of the Enara region in the North. His dæmon took the form of a small owl.[1]

Coram van Texel mentioned Bud in a letter to Nugent. He and Bud had met in Martin Lanselius's house in Trollesund.[2]

Bud helped search for Malcolm, Alice Parslow and Lyra in their canoe. While in Chelsea, not too long before the canoe arrived there, he stopped a Consistorial Court of Discipline boat from hooking onto the engine boat owner's.[3]

Twenty years later, Bud met Lyra in Smyrna.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Philip Pullman named Bud after someone's father-in-law to raise money for a humanitarian charity.[5]



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