Malcolm Polstead: "Where's Dad?"
Brenda Polstead: "On the roof, signalling to Mars. Where d'you think?"
— La Belle Sauvage

Brenda Polstead was the mother of Malcolm Polstead and wife of Reg Polstead. Her dæmon was a badger named Kerin who was describe as gruff and tolerant. Brenda worked in the kitchens of The Trout Inn and cooked up a great joint daily.[1] Brenda was also quite sarcastic, responding to some of Malcolm's questions with sarcasm.[2] Her dæmon rarely spoke, he would normally stay in his bed in the corner of the kitchen.[3]

When her son went missing in the floods of 1986 both she and Reg were extremely worried and only took comfort in the fact that Alice Parslow, Lyra Belacqua and Malcolm's canoe had gone too.[4]



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