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"They have put up buildings of metal and concrete, and some undergroud chambers. They burn coal-spirit, which they bring in at great expense. We don't know what they do, but there is an air of hatred and fear over the place and for miles around. Witches can see these things where other humans can't. Animals keep away too. No birds fly there; lemmings and foxes have fled. Hence the name Bolvangar: the fields of evil. They don't call it that. They call it The Station. But to everyone else it is Bolvangar."
Kaisa describes Bolvangar[src]

Bolvangar, known officially as The Station, was the building of the General Oblation Board's experimental station where they practised intercision. Bolvangar meant "Fields of Evil" and it was said that even animals avoided the area.[1]


Ten years prior to Lyra Belacqua heading to the North, members of the Magisterium came up to the lands of the witches and paid them to put up stations with philosophical instruments to measure Dust. The witches called them 'Dust-hunters'. These Dust-hunters set up the Bolvangar station with many metal and concrete buildings.[1]


Bolvangar was defended by sixty Sibersk rifleman with fire-throwers. It also had an anbaric wire fence running around the compound. The rifleman, however, had not been attacked since the station had been set up and weren't expecting to be. The men had wolf-dæmons and also two guns that were like cannons (possibly gas-guns).[1][2]



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