Billy Costa was a gyptian boy who was captured by the Gobblers. With the help of Lyra Belacqua, he escaped from Bolvangar.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Billy Costa grew up on a gyptian boat with his mother, Ma Costa and his brother Tony Costa.

Kidnap[edit | edit source]

During the Horse Fair in Oxford, Billy got captured by the Gobblers after running off in the middle of holding Johnny Fiorelli's horse. Billy, Roger Parslow and a few other children were then taken to Bolvangar.

Meanwhile, at the Horse Fair, Ma Costa had begun to search for him, and soon Lyra had rounded up a few other children to help, but he wasn't to be found. Roger was taken by the Gobblers later that day.[2]

Bolvangar[edit | edit source]

The day after arriving at Bolvangar, Pantalaimon, Lyra's dæmon, saw Billy behind Lyra in the lunch queue. Roger had previously told Billy that Lyra was there. She, Roger and Billy then sat together and talked about the site. Billy told her that he had heard from one of the nurses that children who had had the operation were taken to hostels further south. Roger had the most helpful news, though, as he had found a loose ceiling panel and discovered that you could crawl above the whole site.

During the fire drill that afternoon, Billy stood guard with Roger whilst Lyra and Kaisa freed the severed dæmons from a little outhouse on the site. Billy never saw the dæmons fly away.[3]

After the children fled from Bolvangar, he was reunited with his brother when the gyptians and witches liberated the children before being taken back to Brytain with the other children.[4]

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