"There's a big ugly bugger by the name of Benny Morris. I heard off someone earlier today that he'd hurt his leg falling off a ladder. Pity it wasn't his neck."
Dick Orchard talks to Lyra Silvertongue about Benny[src]

Benny Morris was a man from Lyra's world who worked at the Royal Mail Zeppelin Station and lived on Pike Street in St Ebbe's.[1] One day, he assisted George Paston in the killing of Anthony Hassall whilst being watched, though not knowing it, by Pantalaimon. Benny had climbed over the gate of the station[2] and later claimed he'd hurt his leg whilst falling off a ladder.[3]

Malcolm Polstead later visited him, claiming to be there to give compensation for his accident, and talked to him. Malcolm then threatened Benny, demanding that he told him what really happened and who the other man was that killed Hassall.[1]



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