Benjamin de Ruyter was one of six heads of gyptian families. During the Byanroping to discuss the journey to the North to rescue the kidnapped children, he was placed in charge of spying.[2]

Benjamin and his team of Frans Broekman, Tom Mendham, Gerard Hook and Jacob Huismans caught three Gobblers in Clerkenwell where they found out the Gobblers were taking the children they stole to Lapland in the North. They also found out about Carlo Boreal and the Ministry of Theology.

Benjamin and Gerard entered the Ministry at White Hall whilst Jacob stood watch outside and Frans and Tom went to spy on Boreal. Benjamin's dæmon soon came flying out to ask for help from Jacob. They had been caught in the Ministry and Gerard had been captured. Benjamin fell from a high staircase with his dæmon flapping and pulling to keep him up. Benjamin died when he hit the floor. The death of Benjamin de Ruyter was Lyra Belacqua's first prediction with the help of an alethiometer.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • In the TV series, Benjamin is played by Simon Manyonda.[4] His dæmon is named Sura for the series.
  • In the TV series, Benjamin leads Tony Costa to Marisa Coulter's flat. Whilst trying to leave, Marisa corners Benjamin, shooting him before trying to make him tell her information. After Tony escapes, Benjamin throws himself down the lift shaft, sacrificing himself so as not to reveal any information.[5]

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