His Dark Materials
His Dark Materials

Baruch was an angel who served Xaphania in the rebellion against the Authority.


Baruch was born as a human in Will's world around 2000 BCE. When he died, he became an angel.[1] Baruch's brother Enoch also became an angel known as Metatron, who was the Authority's Regent.

Together with Balthamos, Baruch sought out Will Parry, hoping to bring him and the subtle knife to Lord Asriel to aid in the fight against the Authority. Will agreed to help them only after finding Lyra Silvertongue, who had been kidnapped by her mother, Marisa Coulter.[1]

After being injured in a fight against Metatron, Baruch travelled to Lord Asriel's basalt fortress. After providing Lord Asriel with important information, he died. The last word he uttered was the name of his lover, Balthamos.

Physical appearance[]

Baruch was powerfully built, with huge, snow-white wings.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the BBC TV series, he will be portrayed by Simon Harrison.[2]
  • Baruch's name may be a reference to the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, who was estranged on religious grounds from his brother, Gabriel. Baruch also means blessed in Hebrew and is very often the first word used in Jewish prayers. It is also a common Jewish first name.