Professor Axel Löfgren was Professor of Physics at the University of Uppsala. His dæmon was a ferret.[1]


Löfgren joined Gunnar Hallgrimsson when he met with Coram van Texel, who had been introduced via a letter from Martin Lanselius, at the university. Coram inquired about the alethiometer and they discussed the whereabouts of the six known to have been made.

Hallgrimsson also mentioned that Marisa Coulter had visited the university about a month prior. She had come to question Löfgren about the Rusakov field and both he and Hallgrimsson were taken by her beauty and intelligence. Mrs Coulter was also interested in consulting the Uppsala alethiometer about her daughter; Hallgrimsson later overheard from her servants that this was prompted by a prophecy of the witches.[1]

Personality and physical appearanceEdit

Löfgren was a thin and taciturn man, though amiable. His face was bony. He was rather sceptical about the alethiometer and the origin of its readings. He was quiet compared to his colleague and friend Hallgrimsson and let him do most of the talking when they met with Coram van Texel. Löfgren did not seem to have much interest in women, although, as Hallgrimsson jokingly pointed out, he was very taken by Marisa Coulter.[1]


Gunnar HallgrimssonEdit

Löfgren was an old friend of Hallgrimsson's and they were in the habit of good-natured teasing.



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