The ant was one of the thirty-six symbols which appeared on the alethiometer.


  1. Busy[1]
  2. Activity, Purpose, Intention[2]
  3. Diligence[3][4]
  4. Mechanical work[3]
  5. Tedium[3]
  6. ...
  7. ...
  8. ...
  9. ...
  10. Sustain[5]

Known questions and answersEdit

The following questions and answers were formed using one of the ant symbol's meanings:

"What is Marisa Coulter doing now?"
—A question asked by Lyra Belacqua using the Madonna, the ant (busy), and the hourglass symbols[src]
"What are the intentions of the Tartars with regard to Kamchatka?"
—A question asked by Lyra Belacqua using the camel, the cornucopia, and the ant (activity, purpose, intention)[src]
"What would these people have to do in order to understand the language of the Shadows?"
—A question asked by Lyra Silvertongue of the machine built by Dr Mary Malone using the candle, the Alpha and Omega and the ant (diligence)[src]


Notes and referencseEdit

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