Andrew Whicher was a boy from Wallingford, Brytain. One night, he talked to Malcolm Polstead when he was sheltering from the storm with Alice Parslow. Andrew had been flooded out of his street where a lot of people drowned. He fled with his aunt, Doris Whicher.


The following morning, Andrew wasn't to be seen until men from the Office of Child Protection[1] came out of their boat, followed by a half proud and half ashamed Andrew. The men took away the baby Lyra Belacqua and Andrew was interrogated by Malcolm as to what had happened.

LBS Ch20

Wallingford Priory

Andrew had gone to the Sisters of Holy Obedience at Wallingford Priory and reported the baby to the Mother Superior. They then said a prayer before she letting Andrew rest. Andrew then led the men to the cave where they took Lyra.[1]


It turned out that Andrew was a member of the League of St Alexander and reported that the group who had shown up were strange folk.[2] He admitted to his aunt that he had told on other people too.[1]



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