Lyra Silvertongue: "...what have you got to sell?"
Abdel Ionides: "Many things. I can supply almost anything. I add the 'almost' to testify to my honesty."
— Abdel Ionides discusses his business with Lyra Silvertongue[src]

Abdel Ionides was a salesman who operated in Seleukeia. He visited Lyra Silvertongue at the Park Hotel to offer her his services so that she could travel to Aleppo. He sold Lyra a rose salve for ten dollars before discussing the dæmon selling business with her. He then took her to the Blue Hotel, a ruined city on the way to Aleppo, for the price of eighty dollars.[1] While Lyra was inside the city, he met with Olivier Bonneville and the pair discussed a treasure that Lyra could lead them to.[2]

Physical descriptionEdit

Ionides appeared to be between thirty and sixty years old and had nut-brown skin and grey stubble. His face was notably mobile and unlined apart from a scar running from his left cheek to his right ear.. His eyes were vivid and intelligent-looking and he spoke in a fast, light voice. Ionides's clothes were in a very poor condition and his hands were ingrained with dirt.[1]


Ionides's dæmon was a gecko. She was orange and green in colour and spoke in a high, quiet voice.[1]



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